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About Crew


about crew

The employees of Evil Prints are referred to as the 'Crew'. Crew sign on as apprentices to Tom Huck for a period of three years. While working as Crew, they have full access to the Evil Prints shop and materials. Working two assigned days a week for Huck, they are encouraged to work on their own art. Crew also travels with Huck to various print fairs and other art events, as well as any event involving the Mobile Print Shop

There is a probationary period of six months at the beginning of the Crew experience, those on probation are called 'Prospects'. Prospects use this time as an adjustment period, getting to know both the shop and the other Crew members. 

For more information about Crew or how to become a Crew member, email evilheadcrew@gmail.com.

Current Crew

sam kennedy 

cam gray 

ashley pryor

jt felix

libby scobee

emmett merrill 

nicci arnold