Tom Huck's 2 massive woodcut triptychs- "The Transformation of Brandy Baghead" & "The Tommy Peepers" will be featured in the Graphica Creativa: A Present to the Past exhibition at the Jyvaskylan Taidemuseo in Jyvaskyla, Finland.  The show opens October 7th and runs through January 1st 2017.  If you're in Scandinavia don't miss this rare opportunity to see both of these monumental works at the same time!

Graphica Creativa 2016 – a Present to the Past is an exhibition of 13 contemporary artists whose work has a direct connection with Art History either through the artists or the artwork. Art is a mirror unto itself by looking into the past and re-interpreting Art History using contemporary freedoms. The present is a present to the past. The artists shown in this exhibition are from France, the USA, Belgium, Sweden, Poland and Finland. The exhibition includes prints, drawings, paintings, tapestries and 3-dimensional works. In addition to presenting contemporary art, this exhibition also provides an occasion to see prints of the great masters such as Goya, Dürer and Rembrandt, which are on loan from the collections of the Finnish National Gallery.

Featured artists in the exhibition include: Torbjörn Damm, Dany Danino, Tom Huck , Catherine Keun, Jean Le Gac, Patrick Merrill, Ernest Pignon-Ernest, Tomas Regan, Teemu Saukkonen, Kiki Smith, Hanna Vihriälä, Camilla Vuorenmaa, Dominik Wlodarek