New Crew / Press Assistantships Available

Tom Huck's Evil Prints is now seeking to fill 2 openings for crew/press assistantships beginning in June 2017. Evil Prints will be conducting interviews in March at SGCI Atlanta 2017. 

Crew member/press assistantships at Evil Prints are non-paid apprenticeships. The commitment is for 3 years at Evil Prints, during which time crew work at least 2 shifts per week aiding in the publication of the work of Tom Huck, teaching our public classes, assisting EP artist members, and focusing on their own work. Daily shop upkeep and responsibilities are also expected. In exchange for this commitment, Evil Prints supplies materials and grants 24-hour access to the shop and the use of all of our equipment. 

Applicants must be 21 years of age or older and have college experience (BFA or BA in Printmaking concentration preferred)

For serious inquiries, please email Ashley Pryor, shop manager,, the following information:

-10 examples of recent work
-Short Bio
-1 letter of recommendation
-All social media handles
-contact information

See you March 16-18 at SCGI Atlanta!