Collector's Print-of-the-Month Sale

Print of the month sale, what's that?

Each month Evil Prints will gather a group of classic prints by Tom Huck from our flat files and offer them to you at a discounted rate. These prints are available for a short time only and in very limited quantities.

As an added bonus, with your purchase you will also be enrolled in our new Quarterly Printfolio Subscription - a collection of prints featuring the work of the Evil Prints Crew along with Tom Huck. 

To purchase, scroll to the bottom of the page. For more information, email Ashley at

Kholer City Revisited
Kama Sutra Power Pack
Dickhead Deluxe Pack
The Feast of Ota Benga

New Crew / Press Assistantships Available

Tom Huck's Evil Prints is now seeking to fill 2 openings for crew/press assistantships beginning in June 2017. Evil Prints will be conducting interviews in March at SGCI Atlanta 2017. 

Crew member/press assistantships at Evil Prints are non-paid apprenticeships. The commitment is for 3 years at Evil Prints, during which time crew work at least 2 shifts per week aiding in the publication of the work of Tom Huck, teaching our public classes, assisting EP artist members, and focusing on their own work. Daily shop upkeep and responsibilities are also expected. In exchange for this commitment, Evil Prints supplies materials and grants 24-hour access to the shop and the use of all of our equipment. 

Applicants must be 21 years of age or older and have college experience (BFA or BA in Printmaking concentration preferred)

For serious inquiries, please email Ashley Pryor, shop manager,, the following information:

-10 examples of recent work
-Short Bio
-1 letter of recommendation
-All social media handles
-contact information

See you March 16-18 at SCGI Atlanta! 

Evil Prints Quarterly Printfolio

It's not too late to sign up for round 1 of the EVIL PRINTS QUARTERLY PRINTFOLIO! Get an assortment of limited edition prints made by Tom Huck, his crew and a special guest artist delivered right to your door, 4 times per year!! We will begin shipping January 7, don't miss out on this chance to collect some amazing art! 

For more information about the Quarterly Printfolio or to register, click here. For any additional information, email


Evil Prints is proud to announce this 7-week sketchbook practice & drawing class taught by TOM HUCK. This intensive drawing class will help you sharpen your drawing skills while also helping develop better daily drawing habits, using the sketchbook as a tool for artistic conceptual development. Topics such as the human figure, drawing from the imagination, and depicting the urban landscape will be covered. Class drawing trips will also be featured.  Students will have the option of using their drawings made during this course to create an original print at the end of the 7 weeks. 

Students will also have the option of attending a drawing night at the studio on non-class nights

For more information contact Ashley Pryor at or click the link below to register!





Tom Huck's Evil Prints is proud to announce our 7th ANNUAL X-MAS SALE December 16-18.  ONE WEEKEND ONLY! This year's sale will feature affordable printed art by TOM HUCK, the entire EP CREW, and shop ARTIST MEMBERS!  As an added bonus this year we will be featuring limited edition holiday prints by guest artists Sean Baltzell (Tower Classic Tattooing) and Josh Rowan (4 Hands Brewing Co.).  Stop by the shop and stuff your evil stockings with beautiful hand printed art!  XMAS HAPPY HOUR complimentary beer supplied by 4 hands Brewing Co. (After 4 PM daily).  Sunday morning donuts supplied by Strange Donuts.



Friday, December 16: 12 PM to 9 PM

Saturday December 17: 12 PM to 9 PM

Sunday December 18:  12 PM to 


1931 Washington Avenue

Saint Louis, MO 63103

See this event on FACEBOOK 

For more info contact Darcy Edwin at


New OFFICIAL WARPIG AMERICA-Motorhead design by Tom Huck!

Tom Huck, Motorhead superfan, has signed on with Global Merchandising to bring you some NEW CLASSIC Motorhead design on tee shirts and other ephemera!  You can pre-order the new "Warpig America" tee shirt now from, just in time for the American shit show elections! Pick up one of these limited edition shirts now cause theyll be gone FAST!  Be on the lookout for lots of new Motorhead designs by Huck in the future! 

                             GET IT NOW

                            GET IT NOW


"Bone Rubbin'", Linocut by Tom Huck, 2012

"Bone Rubbin'", Linocut by Tom Huck, 2012

ITS OUR ANNUAL HALLOWEEN SALE!!!! Get 20% OFF EVERYTHING in our ONLINE STORE starting today! Now is your chance to decorate your castle with some REALLY SCARY classic work by TOM HUCK! We've brought out some classic prints to go along with whats new in THE EVIL HEAD SHOP! ENTER CODE SCARYSALE and get 20% OFF all of it! ALL ORDERS RECIEVE A FREE POSTER! Sale ends NOVEMBER 1! Bring home an EVIL MONSTER by HUCK for Halloween! "Exhuming Moses" woodcut, 30"x 34" , 1998


Tom Huck's 2 massive woodcut triptychs- "The Transformation of Brandy Baghead" & "The Tommy Peepers" will be featured in the Graphica Creativa: A Present to the Past exhibition at the Jyvaskylan Taidemuseo in Jyvaskyla, Finland.  The show opens October 7th and runs through January 1st 2017.  If you're in Scandinavia don't miss this rare opportunity to see both of these monumental works at the same time!

Graphica Creativa 2016 – a Present to the Past is an exhibition of 13 contemporary artists whose work has a direct connection with Art History either through the artists or the artwork. Art is a mirror unto itself by looking into the past and re-interpreting Art History using contemporary freedoms. The present is a present to the past. The artists shown in this exhibition are from France, the USA, Belgium, Sweden, Poland and Finland. The exhibition includes prints, drawings, paintings, tapestries and 3-dimensional works. In addition to presenting contemporary art, this exhibition also provides an occasion to see prints of the great masters such as Goya, Dürer and Rembrandt, which are on loan from the collections of the Finnish National Gallery.

Featured artists in the exhibition include: Torbjörn Damm, Dany Danino, Tom Huck , Catherine Keun, Jean Le Gac, Patrick Merrill, Ernest Pignon-Ernest, Tomas Regan, Teemu Saukkonen, Kiki Smith, Hanna Vihriälä, Camilla Vuorenmaa, Dominik Wlodarek


Tom Huck's next big and epic triptych "Electric Baloneyland" is being printed this week at the legendary print shop Flatbed Press in Austin, Texas.  Former Flatbed and current Burning Bones press master printer Pat Masterson has been overseeing the festivities & helping to bring to life a 4' x 8' chiariscuro (color) woodcut!  Be sure to check in here for more updates as the project progresses over the next year.  Tom Huck's "Electric Baloneyland" makes its debut fall 2017! 

Detail from Electric Baloneyland

Detail from Electric Baloneyland

Cameron Gray & master printer Pat Masterson inking the block

Cameron Gray & master printer Pat Masterson inking the block

Detail of the inked block

Detail of the inked block



THE EVIL PRINTS MOBILE PRINT SHOP WILL BE OUT THIS WEEKEND! Stop by the ST LOUIS WORLD'S FAIR HERITAGE FESTIVAL and see LIVE printing, affordable printed stuff by Huck and the EP crew, sign up for classes, and grab some evil promo swag! We will also be featuring a limited edition commemorative poster depicting the BIRTH OF THE HOT DAWG by HUCK!!!!  Come see us in historic Forest Park this weekend Friday 5-9, Saturday/Sunday 10-7!